Where is Your Passion?

Source: Country Now

I gave up on talent shows a while ago (years ago actually). Nothing significant happened, I think my brain couldn’t take anymore, and if I want to be honest, I never thought such a day will come, but alas! It did.

However, thanks to social media (which I am currently off the majority of the time and it’s not because of talent shows) you cannot escape updates on the contestants and their performances on the many talent shows out there.

On an uneventful evening, as I casually strolled along the busy street of Twitter, I came across a clip of a girl group Chapel Hart performing an interesting sequel to the famous Dolly Paton song ‘Jolene’. Their sequel to the popular song entitled ‘You can have him, Jolene.’

The video had been re-tweeted thousands of times and viewed close to a million times. Even more exciting was that it had been re-tweeted by the beloved Dolly Paton, Now this I gotta see, I thought as I quickly pressed the play button.

And if you have seen that video you will understand when I say I had Goosebumps all over. I was enthralled, in awe, and emotional… their song/performance was astounding.

After their performance (which I viewed more than twice), the lead singer said how they had struggled to break into country music, however, after that performance, it was a no-brainer, that struggle was OVER.

Amongst the many comments underneath the video praising and adoring the girl group, someone mentioned that the group had the song on the streaming platform Spotify. Of course, I dashed over there, and not only did I discover the song, but I also discovered they had two albums Out The Mud (2019) and The Girls Are Back In Town (2021).

That same night, I listened to Out the Mud, at least six songs on the album, and I was impressed. All this happened a little over a week ago. Interestingly, today, thanks to the YouTube algorithm the Chapel Hart video for You can have him Jolene (which according to the date was uploaded a year ago) came on my feed.

I watched the quirky video and after it played, I sat back and I was reminded of the question that came into my mind when I came across their albums on Spotify, and the question was, Where is your passion?

Going after a dream can be hard, there are days when it will look and feel pointless. There are days when you wonder if it is worth it. But it does matter and you must go after it. It shouldn’t really matter who is giving you a chance or not, the number of views, likes, etc. Rain or shine, you will make chances and you will take chances.

Your passion will leave a trail. Your passion for acting will cause you to create or recreate movie scenes on your social media page. Your passion for comedy will have you uploading skits as frequently as your creative process will allow. Your passion for writing will have you writing on any platform that will have you, about anything topical and engaging. You will write and even publish independently if you have to.

In the same way, your passion for cooking will have you taking up opportunities to cook offline, and seizing opportunities to show off your cooking skills online too. Your passion will build a portfolio.

However, because passion is linked to purpose, it rarely blows up at the start, which is why some people give up and stop trying. Purpose is a long-term thing and so the aim at the start is to build our capacity and tenacity.

If Chapel Hart had decided to stop showing their passion because of the challenges of breaking into country music, they wouldn’t be where they are, at this moment in time (on everybody’s lips). And because they did not stop, their passion left a trail, and now music executives, agents, and whoever else cares can sample their sound beyond just one song and know just how substantial they are.

The group Chapel Hart are on their way, and I really hope and pray they enjoy a long ride because they are so talented.

Passion will lead you to your moment in the spotlight, but only if you have been leaving a trail behind (consistency gets us where we desire to be).

Where is your passion? Where can the world find it?



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